Danielle is a Senior Catchment Modeller whose interest lies in hydrology, climatology and water quality. She has local and national experience in multiple aspects of water resources management ranging from catchment and water quality modelling to hydro-climatological studies.

In the last two years Danielle has used a range of catchment and estuary models to inform the development of investment scenarios to address water quality in Southeast Queensland, assess the effectiveness of riparian vegetation in drinking water catchments and identify climate refuge areas in the Murray Darling Basin. She has well developed technical skills in hydrologic and water quality modelling, the analysis of climate data and GIS investigations and analysis.

Danielle combines her skills and experience in catchment modelling and hydro-climatology to develop trans-disciplinary knowledge on water related challenges.

In her spare time Danielle is likely to be found travelling and exploring the outdoors by rock climbing, skiing and sailing.