Ella is an interdisciplinary social scientist who specialises in climate adaptation and disaster resilience, focusing in particular on organisational and institutional change. Her passion lies in translating research and best practice evidence into practical advice and actions for those working on the ground. She has worked in consulting, research, and industry (both corporate and SMEs) on projects to advance adaptation, resilience and social and environmental responsibility since the early 2000s.

Her most recent projects have been with local and federal government, focusing on climate change and disaster resilience strategy and governance, organisational adaptation to climate change, multidimensional drought resilience, and the emergence of new markets to support climate change mitigation.

Ella is deeply committed to building capacity, awareness, knowledge, and skills in others to support equitable participatory transformation, and has twenty years of facilitation experience to support her technical knowledge.

Always curious to learn more, she has now completed postgraduate studies and qualifications across multiple disciplines, including disaster resilience, environmental science (governance and environmental responsibility), institutional and evolutionary economics, and education, alongside her undergraduate degree in commerce.