Since joining Alluvium James has been part of the flood recovery team that delivered detailed designs for waterway rehabilitation works following extensive flooding across the state in the spring of 2016. Analysis of the hydro-geomorphic parameters of the waterways in order to undertake stability assessments is one of James’ core skills and has been key to the smooth delivery of his projects, and his expertise in AutoCAD, 12d, HEC-RAS and CulvertMaster has been integral in delivering innovative solutions to complex problems.

Recently James has been part of the team assisting Melbourne Water delivery their pilot project “Reimagining Your Creek”, aiming to naturalise five kilometres of concrete water drains across Melbourne by 2021. This program has a focus on community consultation and involvement of the future users of the site in the designs. James’ experience in hydraulic and hydrologic modelling of natural and engineered waterways was a significant reason for his involvement in the team.

James’ focus in the last six months has been on managing several different stability and asset assessments across Victoria where his expertise in hydro-geomorphic analysis has been fundamental to the delivery of the projects.