Michael is a Coastal Engineer experienced in coastal management, processes, and modelling. Michael began working with Alluvium in 2023 to pursue his passion for the study and management of natural systems, science communication, and extreme weather. Michael has experience in detailed coastal process studies including hydrodynamic, cyclone, and wave modelling, sediment transport and erosion modelling, statistical analysis and data processing, as well as erosion prone area assessment. Michael’s goal is to work with industry, government, and academic partners in incorporating nature-based coastal management techniques for tackling some of the world’s most significant and challenging environmental issues.

Michael has led coastal process, management, and impact studies across Australia including in the South-East, Central, and Far North coastlines of Queensland, as well as in NSW and the Gulf of Carpentaria. Michael has successfully managed a team of engineers, modellers and scientists in completing a range of coastal projects for both government and private clients. These include Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies (CHAS), Shoreline Erosion Management Plans (SEMP) and Coastal Management Programs (CMP). Michael has a sound technical background in numerical modelling packages including SWAN, TUFLOW, Delft3D, XBeach, and EurOtop and is proficient in the QGIS spatial analysis package and programming with Python.