Samira Azadi is a water resource engineer with developed skills in integrated hydrologic modelling (including catchment and water system modelling) to support hydrological analysis of river basins, river basin impact assessment, and flood and drought studies. She also possesses demonstrated experience in implementing remote sensing data, and advanced spatial analytical techniques to assess the impact of climatic and anthropogenic disturbances on the ecosystem functionality and land degradation patterns.

Before joining Alluvium, Samira spent several years at eWater Group, where she contributed to preparing and presenting training courses in Source. These courses aimed to support catchment water resources modelling and integrated catchment model building in large river basins. She was also involved in overseas projects focused on integrated catchment modelling in Source, such as the upgrading of the eWater source for the entire Mekong basin.

Outside of work, Samira likes to spend her time in the kitchen cooking and baking, viewing them as forms of meditation and mindfulness.