Adelina is a recent Master of Environment graduate from the University of Melbourne, specialising in integrated catchment and river management, environmental policy and strategy, and sustainable development.

She also has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, Chemistry and Zoology. Her bachelor’s dissertation assessed the presence of heavy metals in the Yellamallappa Chetty Lake Series in Bangalore (India). This dissertation served as a pilot study for a plan proposed by the Government of Karnataka to revive the lakes of Bangalore City (India) by supplying them with secondary treated sewage. Her research provided crucial insights for the initiation of the plan.

Since joining Alluvium, Adelina has worked on projects that focus on water policy and strategy, program evaluation and environmental water management. She believes that major environmental issues must be tackled with an interdisciplinary approach and can altogether be prevented by initiating comprehensive steps in management.

She has recently been involved with the evaluation of Victoria’s Regional Riparian Action Plan and the development of an evaluation strategy and framework for the NSW Water Sharing Plans. Adelina has a passion for sustainable water management. Prior to joining Alluvium, she also interned with the Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC) in India generating valuable data on sustainable water management initiatives for Bangalore City.