Amanda is fascinated by the complexity of natural systems and the options for utilising engineering knowledge to repair and restore waterways. Her undergraduate degree focused on engineering theory relating to structures, water and soil she is currently completing a Masters of Engineering at The University of Melbourne. Her final thesis is investigating the impact of revegetation on erosion in flood events in North Eastern Victoria.

Since joining Alluvium in 2011, Amanda has worked on a variety of geomorphology, water management and water sensitive urban design (WSUD) projects. In-addition to her technical skills, she is highly valued for her strong research capabilities collecting, reviewing and analysing data. Her most recent projects have focused on creating WSUD at waterway and catchment scales to effectively manage water in urban settings.

Over the last past 18 months, Amanda has completed a desktop GIS analysis of impervious areas and spatial characteristics for the Dobsons Creek Stormwater Disconnection project and analysed water balance components in the Dandenong Integrated Water and Pollutant Balance Study. She also completed a concept design for a constructed waterway for existing rural conditions and ultimate developed conditions for the McGregors Road Constructed Waterway project.