Ben is a passionate advocate for the clever and efficient management of water spanning the urban water cycle that maximizes the beneficial use of water, while protecting and enhancing our waterways.  Informing strategy, policy, planning and design, Ben aims to see investment optimized to achieve the greatest impact for the environment and to see water valued as an enabler of cleaner, greener and more liveable cities.

Ben has been in the water sector for over 12 years, spanning local government and consulting across environmental planning, water sensitive urban design, waterway management, policy and strategy.  This broad experience has provided a deep understanding of the planning and policy framework across Queensland and beyond, whilst developing a first-hand understanding of our clients’ challenges, including barriers to improved water management.  This understanding has been instrumental in using his projects to advance the management of water through collaborative processes that build institutional capacity, address stakeholder needs and concerns, and thereby demonstrate value in new approaches.

Across the course of his career, Ben has developed a passion for integrated, multidisciplinary projects.  This includes strategic planning initiatives such as the design of off-site water quality (water quality offsets) policy and programs, and site-based design and delivery of blue-green infrastructure.  Ben loves transforming urban spaces through projects such as channel naturalisation to provide value to parks, open spaces, communities and the environment.