Bryce is an environmental engineer by training who has a keen interest in catchment and river management and river restoration. During university, he undertook courses in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, geospatial analysis and site rehabilitation. After graduating he embarked on a mentoring program run by the Queensland Water Modelling Network for catchment management.

Before joining Alluvium, Bryce worked as a field technician for a construction dewatering company, where he was managing projects involved with the treatment and discharge of construction water all around Southeast Queensland. His role also included monitoring the local waterways at relevant discharge locations to ensure appropriate receiving water quality standards were not compromised.

Since joining Alluvium, Bryce has worked on projects focussing on river restoration. This has included projects aimed at improving stream hydrologic resistance to ensure better environmental outcomes during major flood events, as well as managing sediment transport. Bryce is keen to use both his skills and enthusiasm to work across the diverse range of projects that Alluvium undertake.