Colby brings a breadth of experience to his role as a water strategy and policy consultant with Alluvium. Motivated by a fundamental belief in the power of negotiation, collaboration and democratic decision making, he has worked across the world in a range of policy and communication roles.

Colby graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in writing before launching into the world of state politics as a committee clerk for the Hawaii State House of Representatives. A smattering of journalistic endeavours that unearthed some hard truths about the state of the environment led him to pursue a Master’s in Integrated Water Management in Australia to position himself at the forefront of decision-making processes and initiatives that aim to heal our planet.

Before joining Alluvium, Colby worked on several international water projects focussing on pricing reform and the institutionalisation of environmental flows in developing countries. He also worked to improve the quality of water flowing to the Great Barrier Reef as a project and communications officer at the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. He is grateful to now be in a role that focuses on the most collaborative aspects of water resources management, including strategic communications, policy development, cross-jurisdictional water resource planning, river basin planning and consultation processes.

Both personally and professionally, Colby holds a special place in his heart for the worthwhile endeavour of connecting with people across cultures, politics and other divides to get to the root of what makes us human and how we can become better stewards of our planet.