Alex is a geomorphologist with an in-depth understanding of waterway form and function. He has published numerous peer-reviewed publications on the dynamics and management of sediment pulses in rivers. Alex is experienced in a range of techniques to study the movement and impacts of sediment on rivers, including: 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling, sediment transport modelling, LiDAR analysis, discharge analysis at the event, seasonal and decadal timescale and extensive experience with field inspections of waterways. Alex has developed his skills in geomorphology through ten years’ experience in consulting, local government and in research roles in both Australia and New Zealand.
Alex has a detailed understanding of how changes in sediment supply impact channel morphology, and of the relationship between vegetation and channel stability in a range of river types.

Prior to joining Alluvium Alex completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne, where he examined the movement of sediment pules and how the impacts of sediment pulses can best be managed in the Glenelg River, western Victoria. A significant portion of his PhD focused on modelling how channels change in response to pulses of bedload sediment over a timescale of decades. The project was a category finalist at the 2019 River Basin Management Society Awards.

Alex is a skilled communicator, with experience delivering projects that require both a high level of technical skill and clear communication with the local community. Alex has been a part of several geomorphic assessments for the Alluvium group. Alex also draws from experience working with high-energy gravel bed rivers in New Zealand, where helped investigate and report on natural hazards for local government.