Ha is a water resources engineer with 11+ years of experience in university lecturing and researching hydrology, hydraulic structures, sediment and pollutants dynamics, and environmental impact assessment in waterways and coastal areas. Prior to joining Alluvium, Ha worked on a wide range of projects in collaboration with the Vietnamese Government, United Nations, and academic partners to improve the water environment.

Ha’s PhD project at the University of Sydney was sponsored by the Australian Government to quantify the impact of chemical and biological factors on the transport of suspended sediment and microplastics in natural water environments experimentally and numerically. She also participated in projects mapping ocean sediment quality and global agricultural inputs. Ha has an international reputation in microplastic transport research with her publications and review in high-ranking scientific journals.

Since joining Alluvium, Ha has been participating in a wide variety of projects from flood study, IWCM, WSUD, coal water balance, and riverbank stabilisation to spatial analysis in various roles including hydrology and hydraulic modelling, flood mapping and assessment, water accounting, GIS mapping and AUTOCAD drafting.