Peter is an environmental scientist specialising in water and catchment management and the monitoring and assessment of aquatic ecosystems. He is an Alluvium Associate and Principal at Independent Ecological Consulting.

Peter’s technical skill base is in water quality, ecosystem condition and services, data interpretation, physical geography and catchment sciences (soils, land uses, geomorphology, climatic influences). Implementing these skills, he has led or been a been a significant contributor to hundreds of projects, including the development of Victorian aquatic bioregions, State-wide water quality and biological objectives, water quality targets for the Murray-Darling Basin and the compilation and review of numerous ecological character descriptions for Australia’s Ramsar Sites. During his membership of the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Freshwater Ecology, he was involved in national projects assessing impacts on aquatic ecosystems and refining their measurement.

His work and study across a several environmental disciplines have provided him with the capacity to readily assimilate and synthesise a broad range of environmental data and literature and apply it to his specialist areas of aquatic ecology and catchment management.