Suresh is a Water Resources Specialist with over 20-years of experience in industry and research. Suresh recently completed his PhD at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) focusing on the impacts of climate change on urban flooding. His research shows how we can re-imagine urban flood management through the lens of resilience. At Alluvium, Suresh is keen to explore how we can put this rethinking into practice to address the complex challenges that lie ahead and provide safe, liveable spaces while protecting our environment. During his PhD, Suresh published leading work investigating and quantifying the changes in urban flooding due to climate change, with his work getting cited in the 2023 IPCC reports.

Suresh specializes in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling of urban systems grounded on a foundational understanding of the governing sciences and has a long history of technical leadership and mentorship in this space.  Over the years, Suresh has built up a broad range of project experiences, including flood and integrated water resources management, catchment hydrology, river hydraulics, wetland/WSUD design, and urban water quality management.  Having spent the majority of his consulting career in the United States, Suresh adds a different perspective to projects which helps to develop unique and innovative solutions to water resources challenges in Australia. After completing his PhD, Suresh led a team as part of the Sydney Water Planning Partnership, working with Sydney Water on water resources planning and surface water management for the Western Sydney growth area, including planning level wetland design for rainwater harvesting and water quantity/quality management.