Emily completed her Bachelor of Science (Hons) in 2018 majoring in environmental and marine geosciences, with experience in hydrology, and coastal and fluvial geomorphology.

Her honours project characterised the total annual flood discharge from the Burdekin River between 6,000 and 1,000 years BP to better understand longer term hydrological changes in the catchment and extend the discharge dataset beyond the instrumental record. This involved using coral climate archives to measure a proxy of the total annual discharge from the catchment onto the Great Barrier Reef over several time intervals.

As an undergraduate, Emily interned on a research team as part of a catchment to reef project, tracing terrestrial source sediments on the reef to aid catchment management practices. Her role in the project was to develop a series of methods of particle size analysis that would help to better identify the sediment type depending on the sampling location. This helped develop her skills in sedimentology, and laboratory and data analysis.

Since joining Alluvium, Emily has worked on projects that have enhanced her knowledge of stream condition assessments, GIS analysis, and understanding policy and procedure surrounding coastal management programs. She has also gained experience engaging with various coastal communities to understand their values and concerns regarding coastal hazard management.