Forugh is a Senior Water Policy Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the water sector. He has led the development of water resource strategies, water policy review, and natural resource management and assessments. He has a strong background in developing and reviewing planning and policy instruments, and he considers policy management and governance sensitivities when searching for and reviewing policy solutions.

Forugh joined Alluvium in 2023 after working for the NSW Government. He has worked with different levels of government and water users on various Coastal and Murray Darling Basin water resource management and sustainability issues. At DPE Water, he led the review and delivery of NSW’s key water reform and management commitments under the Water Reform Action Plan (WRAP), such as the environmental water management implementation. He also managed the 2021 review of the North-West Flow Plan. Before that, he developed NSW’s Regional Water Strategies, including assessing and prioritising infrastructure and non-infrastructure options to address critical regional water security and supply issues.

Forugh enjoys working with different stakeholders to understand their views and priorities, and to identify possible avenues for progress. He is passionate about helping clients make important decisions by considering diverse opinions. He also has experience in the political sphere from his time in the water ministry, and he understands the processes of policy and planning instruments development through the machinery of government. Moreover, his work with Transport for NSW, reviewing sustainable water cycle management guidelines and procedures for transport infrastructure development projects, has given him a broad understanding of water use across other sectors.