Gretel is an environmental sustainability graduate passionate about contributing to solutions for complex environmental problems and implementing principles of sustainable development. Gretel graduated from ANU in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce and interned with Alluvium throughout the final stages of her degree.

She is skilled and interested in sustainable development, environmental and social research, understanding complex environmental problems, environmental modelling and monitoring, participatory resource management, and stakeholder engagement. At Alluvium, Gretel has employed her critical thinking and practised communication skills to help deliver projects such as a climate risk analysis for the Asian Development Bank, the development of the St George and Menindee Native Fish Hatcheries report for the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water and the Water Compliance Performance Reporting Framework for the Inspector General of Water Compliance.

A highlight of Gretel’s career development journey was a two-week sustainable development trip to Fiji. Through extensive engagement with local communities and industries, Gretel developed a greater understanding of the added complexities of achieving sustainable development in a developing country and the importance of cross-cultural communication and understanding.