Isabelle is passionate about waterways, seeing healthy waterways as the key to healthy, resilient landscapes and communities. She completed her Master of Catchment Science in 2021, gaining experience in catchment ecology, fluvial geomorphology, hydrology and hydraulics, river and floodplain restoration approaches, environmental chemistry, spatial and statistical analysis, along with water governance and policy.

Her Masters research involved the development of a remote-sensing method for mapping two weedy vine species, Cat’s Claw (SE QLD) and Rubber Vine (Gulf Country), which threaten the health of riparian ecological communities and waterways in QLD. The research required rapid development of technical skills, research methodology development and collaboration with two NRM groups.

Since joining Alluvium in 2022, Izzy has worked on projects that have enhanced her knowledge and skills relating to stream condition assessments, spatial analysis and hydraulic modelling, and rehabilitation management strategy development. As part of the team working on the ‘Rapid identification and prioritisation of intervention options and pathways for the Northern Rivers Region’ project post-2022 floods, she undertook extensive community consultation, gaining valuable experience in communication and engagement.

Izzy has great attention to detail and an aptitude for developing new technical skills. She believes that effective stakeholder and community consultation is integral to the success of a project and enjoys building relationships with clients and communities. She is currently developing skills in science communication with the hope that she will be able to communicate with and empower wide-ranging audiences. She is committed to listening deeply to Indigenous people and appreciating the importance of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives.