John is a Master of Environmental Engineering graduate from the University of Melbourne. During his master’s degree, John developed a strong interest in stormwater management in urban catchment. He obtained solid knowledge of water resource management, wastewater treatment, and water-sensitive urban design (WSUD).

In light of his interest in water resource management, John completed his capstone project relating to water resource analysis for Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) systems, supervised by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA). With the aim to ensure the sustainable operation of PHES systems from the water supply perspective, John assisted the regional DEECA office in conducting geospatial and temporal water resource analysis using the GIS package and the programming language Python. John has experience with AutoCAD, ArcGIS PRO, QGIS, MUSIC, and Python and is currently developing skills in other modelling tools such as RORB and 12d.

John also finished his internship in the Water & Environment service line at Stantec Taiwan Branch. He was involved in Policy Formulation and Project Planning & Design teams, working on the strategy for integrating water resource management and urban city development, and several urban river restoration projects.

With his passion for water and environmental sustainability, John aims to apply his knowledge and skills to drive positive change in water environment management.