Liam joined Natural Capital Economics in April of 2022. He completed a double degree at Griffith University where he received a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) majoring in Economics and a Bachelor of Business majoring in Sustainable Enterprise. He completed an honours thesis where he implemented a discrete choice experiment and an ordinal regression model to investigate the environmental and social attributes of businesses and their impacts on consumer preferences and customer loyalty.

As a recent university graduate who has a passion for natural resources and the environment, Liam has a strong interest in using environmental and natural resource economic concepts for decision-making and to best manage Earth’s natural environment.

As a new addition to the team at Natural Capital Economics, Liam has already made meaningful contributions towards a range of projects. This has included undertaking an economic context appraisal for both Moreton Bay and Mackay as a part of their Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies, a data stocktake for a socio-economic outcome evaluation of water sharing plans in regional NSW and providing a review of the relevant literature to inform ongoing research regarding the price elasticity of demand for mushrooms.