Lisa provides advice on the development of strategies and investment programs for waterways, cities and catchments. Over the last 18 years she has worked on strategies to improve the delivery of environmental and social outcomes through a variety of roles at Melbourne Water, the Environmental Protection Authority, West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and Gippsland Water.

Lisa enjoys working on projects that involve collaboration and problem solving, she loves to find effective ways to help teams challenge complex problems, communicate ideas and delivery outcomes more effectively. Lisa has a wide range of experience in program development for social and environmental outcomes for waterways. These include the collaborative development of visons and strategies including multi-agency water quality plans and regional river health strategies, the development of investment frameworks, and managing the development of projects that deliver environmental and liveability outcomes based on understanding community needs and the latest science.

In 2012/13 Lisa co-led the development of Melbourne Water’s Healthy Water Strategy working with the community, environmental and social scientists to develop an innovative framework to communicate MW’s work on waterways in a way that brought together the understanding of the environmental and social values of waterways, alongside the understanding of waterway conditions to develop a strategy that was evidence based and was engaging for the broader community. More recently Lisa has managed a range of change management programs to focused on embedding liveability and urban design into project delivery.