Lisa is NSW Regional Manager and an Environmental Engineer with more than 8 years of domestic and international experience with government and private organisations. Project highlights include using Source Rivers to optimise environmental flow delivery in the Goulburn River system, probabilistic flood risk to Dresden Nuclear Power Plant, estimating the impact of farm dams across the Murray Darling Basin, reviewing operation of the Murray River to achieve efficiencies in meeting Basin Plan targets and the development the National Inventory of Stressed Catchments and Aquifers.

Since joining Alluvium, Lisa has worked on a number of catchment assessments using the Source Catchments software, applied the Catchment Management Investment Standard to catchments in Victoria and Western Australia and has developed a number of tools to assess land use impacts in the Great Barrier Reef catchment.

Lisa is proud to be part of Australia’s water sector and is an active member of the Australian Water Association, River Basin Management Society and is on the Register for Engineers for Disaster Relief. With a passion for developing holistic, collaborative and innovative solutions to catchment management and water delivery challenges, Lisa is currently completing her Master of Integrated Water Management with the International Water Centre.