Max joined Natural Capital Economics in 2020 after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Queensland, majoring in Business and Industry. He is currently completing a Master’s degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of New England while working part-time with NCE, with an emphasis on cost-benefit analysis and time-series forecasting.

Since joining NCE, Max has worked on a range of projects within the scope of water demand assessment and cost-benefit analysis in the agricultural sector. A focus of his work has been on developing several coastal-hazard adaption strategies as well as a risk-based framework for water sensitive urban design. Max has also undertaken modelling to quantify the adverse socio-economic impacts associated with exposure to asbestos.

Prior to working at NCE, Max worked for 3+ years as a research analyst in the property economics sector. In his role, Max performed extensive analysis in the residential and mixed-use property market, developing client specific market outlooks and site assessments. Max is passionate about how natural resource management can be used to reduce societies impact on the environment.