Mia earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Environmental Engineering Systems from the University of Melbourne in 2023. She had transferred from California State University, Los Angeles. Within her chosen field of study, she delved into the intricate dynamics between human-made structures and natural systems, focusing on topics such as sustainable water management, water-sensitive urban design, land use, pollution, and soil rehabilitation.

Mia has always been passionate about protecting the coastal environment. She enjoys hiking, snorkeling, and exploring tidepools. This led her to take additional courses in ecology and biology to further understand the biophysical relations of engineered solutions and the environment. She has a keen interest in nature based coastal protection, which she plans to further explore in her master’s degree.

She joined Alluvium’s coastal management team as a graduate engineer to support the team’s strong commitment to environmentally friendly and comprehensive coastal management practices, which aligned with her passion and skills.