Mikaylah is a diverse team player who enjoys stepping into big roles throughout the different projects we have acquired. Her first role was becoming the project manager for the Reconnecting River Country Project and has taken the role on with gusto. Always willing to step onto new projects and get her hands dirty, Mikaylah is someone who loves to take on new challenges and find interesting new applications for the skills she has honed.

Before starting at Alluvium, Mikaylah undertook a myriad of studies that continues during her employment. She has produced reports for differing clientele through her volunteer work and throughout her bachelor’s degree at ANU. Throughout her later years of academics, Mikaylah found her passions in research and applicability of policy and its subsequent effectiveness. This has led to her speaking on her paper about the applicability of the Circular Economy in Canberra at the Fenner School Winter Symposium in 2019.  Since her undergraduate degree, Mikaylah has taken pride in conducting all her own social research and extrapolating the trends and information from this. She honed these skills further through her master’s degree and dissertation.