Nicola Perry is a human geographer with experience researching the social dimensions of water management both in Australia and internationally. A recent PhD graduate, prior to joining Alluvium Nicola has worked on a range of projects in collaboration with government, academic and industry partners to deliver qualitative insights into regional water issues. In all her work, Nicola hopes to contribute to sustainable water management practices which recognise human and environmental futures as inseparable.

Nicola’s PhD research focused on the challenges and opportunities created by private property to delivering environmental flows to the ephemeral floodplains and wetlands of the Basin. This involved fieldwork carried out in the Riverland and north-central Victoria between 2019-2020, and from this Nicola has gained a broad understanding of water management in the Basin and an appreciation of the complexities of environmental watering. Nicola has tutored and lectured at undergraduate and masters level at the University of Sydney and has engaged extensively with Basin residents which has given her skills in effective and clear communication.

Nicola’s other work has included leading a policy report on opportunities for new satellite-derived software to assist in water use efficiency and compliance, and conducting focus groups and contributing to a report on land ownership change in the Riverina in conjunction with DPI. She also is currently contributing to research and analysis for the Australian Government-funded ‘Grazing for drought’ project, which investigates the role of communities of practice in facilitating regenerative agricultural transitions to enhance drought resilience.