Riaz joined Alluvium in June 2023 as CFO for the group. Responsible for our financial management, his 20-year career showcases a consistent drive for growth.

Before becoming part of the Alluvium team, Riaz proudly served as the CFO of a not-for-profit organisation. Here, he steered growth through a blend of innovation and strategic leadership. He has also held senior positions in corporate finance, corporate governance and planning, experiences that have granted him a well-rounded grasp of the financial landscape. This comprehensive perspective equips him to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities with a grounded sensibility.

Riaz’s leadership fosters collaboration and mentorship, nurturing inclusive team empowerment. His values harmonize with Alluvium’s, a natural progression driven by his commitment to excellence. Holding a Bachelor in Accounting and Financial Management, a Fellow of CPA Australia, and an AICD graduation, Riaz brings extensive expertise both from Australia and internationally.

Beyond achievements, Riaz champions financial awareness, reflecting dedication to personal and societal well-being. As CFO, he’s dedicated to propelling Alluvium to financial success, and nurturing a culture of innovation.