Sheyanne is an environmental engineer and environmental scientist, with an interest in hydrology, hydraulics, fluvial geomorphology and waterway management. She has a background in urban and rural drainage design and stormwater management including water quality and erosion and sediment control. She has significant experience in a range of hydrologic and hydraulic modelling packages.

Sheyanne was seconded to NQ Dry Tropics for six months where she gained experience in the planning, design and supervision of large-scale gully remediation projects. During this secondment, she was involved in significant stakeholder engagement and liaison to help deliver these complex projects.

Sheyanne hopes to utilise her water resources skills and experience to solve the problems facing natural and urban catchments. She has an interest in creating natural spaces within urban environments which benefit both the community and environment. Sheyanne also has a passion for safeguarding the future of waterways to ensure they can continue to support the environment and communities which are built around them.