Susan is an ecologist with over 10 years of experience in a range of research and consulting projects. Susan has worked on several interdisciplinary projects interfacing between management, conservation and research allowing her to gain broad ecological knowledge. Her experience includes mine native ecosystem rehabilitation, invasive species, endangered mammals, beneficial fungi and plant-soil interactions. Susan’s broad ecological skills both in the field and behind the computer allow her to know when theoretical strategies can become on-the-ground practical solutions.
Susan particularly enjoys working in interdisciplinary teams that utilise varied skills effectively to tackle complex problems. Susan continually works on expanding her own knowledge and skill set.

Susan is experienced in the dissemination of technical information for a variety of audiences including media, stakeholders and specific interest groups. Her high-quality writing and communication skills can be seen in the publication of peer-reviewed scientific articles and well-received client reports.

Susan is passionate about conservation and effective environmental management that implements cutting-edge science. Her interests include mycology, botany and zoology and applying wholistic approaches to conservation and ecological solutions.