Advait holds an engineering background, coupled with a master’s degree in international urban and environmental management from RMIT University. His master’s thesis focused on Victorian State’s policy framework in integrated urban water management and the efficiency of Water Sensitive Urban Designs (WSUD) in Melbourne. Advait holds two years of experience in surface water management, urban planning, and environmental management plans and also brings international experience in developing lake and waterway restoration designs.

Since joining Alluvium, Advait has worked on diverse streams of urban water management including integrated water management plan (IWMP), water sensitive urban design (WSUD), and urban water policy framework. It includes an understanding of drainage schemes and concept & functional designs for onsite stormwater retention and management. Advait understands the fundamentals of IWMP and is able to develop water balance analysis, strategy and models to make the best use of stormwater at lot, street, and city scale.

Advait has also undertaken a number of hydrological and hydraulic modelling assessments in Melbourne and across Victoria for flood mapping, culvert, and stream stability assessment, using a range of modelling software (RORB, 12d, QGIS, HECRAS, MUSIC).

Advait has also supported Alluvium’s AWP River Basin Planning team in developing a User Guide for India, leading a Technical Visit to the Murray-Darling Basin of senior officials from four Krishna Basin states and delivering capacity building workshops and state and central government consultations in India. He has been involved in the preparation of project proposals and related business development work for our international market.

The diversity of experience has ensured agility in his approach and a tenacious commitment to achieving results.