Advait is an experienced water professional working with Alluvium in Australia and across the Indo-Pacific on Integrated Water Management and Climate Resilience. Advait holds an engineering background with a Master’s Degree in International Urban and Environmental management. Through his work bringing the Australian and Indo-Pacific water sectors together, he aims to enable the sharing of knowledge and create connections to inspire improved sustainable water management.

Internationally, Advait’s experience covers a wide range of projects covering ecosystem based adaptation, climate resilient urban water planning, and basin scale water management. Advait has worked with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Country Governments across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Lao PDR and Myanmar. For example, Advait is currently leading a project for the Government of Nepal and DFAT to provide Technical Assistance for developing a climate resilient water supply model for optimum intake of water from diverse water sources. Advait has also previously worked with the DFAT-funded Australian Water Partnership (AWP) for river basin planning and water sensitive city projects in India. Advait has demonstrated strong governance and management processes that help deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

In Australia, Advait has worked on diverse streams of urban water management including integrated water management plan (IWMP), water sensitive urban design (WSUD), and urban water policy framework. It includes an understanding of drainage schemes and concept & functional designs for onsite stormwater retention and management. Advait understands the fundamentals of IWM and is able to develop water balance analysis, strategy and models to make the best use of stormwater at lot, street, and city scale.