Caroline Carvalho is an Environmental Scientist who has worked predominantly in the waterways and stormwater drainage industry for the last 30 years across private and public sectors including State Govt, Melbourne Water (9yrs) and Local Government (16yrs).

Caroline has held roles as a Technical Advisor to various State and Federal MPs in the water reform agenda, including a broad range of strategic and policy skills that extend to advocacy submissions to the Office of Living Victoria, legislative reviews, water policies, waterways & bays action plans, IWM strategies, stormwater & wastewater Planning, BPEM Guidelines for Urban Stormwater, and the integration of whole of water cycle management into the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPPs), Planning Schemes and Local Planning Policy Frameworks.

Caroline brings a unique perspective to the Alluvium team through her long-standing career in various change management roles, and a thorough multi-disciplinary skillset that ranges from strategic policy to leading engineering teams in the design and delivery of award-winning stormwater infrastructure, as well as community engagement, industry capacity building and partnership building, all backed by her technical understanding of water related subject matter.