Emma is an environmental scientist with an interest in fluvial and coastal geomorphology, catchment and coastal management, GIS, and spatial analysis.

As a core member of the team delivering coastal studies and adaptation plans throughout Australia, Emma provides essential project engagement, communication, fieldwork, technical and GIS support.  Emma also contributes to options analyses and development of conceptual and detailed designs for many projects. These include naturalisation of stormwater assets in the Greater Hunter region, re-engagement a Wimmera River anabranch at Horsham, and disaster recovery works throughout Victoria and Queensland.

Emma believes stakeholder and community engagement is an integral part of project success and enjoys building relationships with local communities and clients. Combining these skills with her technical abilities, Emma has enjoyed completing both desktop and field assessments of riparian vegetation, stream stability and river health. She is a highly regarded team member, providing invaluable support for a number of river restoration and environmental flow management projects. These include the Mitchell River and floodplain rehabilitation plan, the Wimmera River drought refuge management strategy, and the Upper Barwon, Yarrowee and Leigh environmental flows study update.

Growing up in the British countryside, rivers, coasts and estuaries have always been a passion. Emma often volunteered to clear refuse from streams and planting riparian vegetation in her local area. She is fascinated by the movement of water and its effect on surrounding environments.