Lucie is an environmental engineer working primarily in the urban water sector of Melbourne, with a strong focus on water sensitive urban design. Over the past five years Lucie has worked on a range of stormwater design and strategy projects in Melbourne and Sydney.

Lucie understands the constraints of working in an urban environment and regularly designs for sites with physical or environmental constraints such as soil contamination, presence of utility services or ecologically sensitive land. Alongside the technical aspects of design she enjoys thinking about and designing with consideration of the local environment with a focus on integrating WSUD into the landscape for both environmental and social improvements. Working on challenging sites Lucie has designed GPTs, wetlands, bioretention systems, ponds, swales and drainage infrastructure, and is passionate about improving urban spaces and the health of waterways.

Her experience extends to stakeholder engagement, literature reviews, feasibility studies for stormwater reuse, development of open space/liveability strategies and catchment prioritisation strategy. Her knowledge is underpinned by strong practical skills in project management, construction supervision and field investigation.

Outside of work Lucie enjoys bike riding and hiking, and has spent much time overseas on foot and pedal exploring the Americas and Europe.