Marnina is an Environmental Engineer who specialises in the interactions between hydrology, hydraulics, and fluvial geomorphology.

Since joining Alluvium, Marnina has worked on several projects involving hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and analysis, geospatial analysis, geomorphic assessments, and detail design. These include streambank stabilisation projects along the Mary River, a streambank stabilisation feasibility study in Myanmar, and the naturalisation of Small Creek. Marnina has also been involved in research into stream bank management and modelling, including the investigation of alterative modelling approaches for assessing streambank erosion rates within Great Barrier Reef catchments.

For her Honours project (Bachelor of Engineering – Environmental) Marnina developed a decision support framework to assess the suitability of potential sediment and nutrient offset sites and to quantify offsets resulting from small-scale stream restoration projects. This involved the investigation, and application, of bank erosion models suitable for small streams in South East Queensland.