Bill is an applied ecologist by training who is fascinated by how water moves through and across the land. Motivated by a desire to learn new things and apply them to improve environmental outcomes for the wider community, he has worked widely around Australia before joining Alluvium in Brisbane.

His primary area of expertise is the interdependency of vegetation and hydrology. He has a well-developed understanding of aquatic ecology and hydrological modelling, having undertaken environmental flow studies in Victoria and Western Australia. He has extensive experience investigating and monitoring groundwater-dependent vegetation in Northwest and Southwest Western Australia and contributed to groundwater and surface water management plans. For the past few years, he has been applying these principles to the problems of urban waterways in growing suburbs, contributing to several Integrated Water Management initiatives.

Bill is increasingly interested in the beneficial social outcomes that good water and natural resource planning can achieve. He enjoys providing the policy and scientific support to communities and local governments that they need to successfully advocate for the natural environment and their right to participate in decision-making.